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Happy New Year from Benn~Burry!

With the holidays approaching their annual climax this New Year's Eve, I wanted to share some thoughts, warm wishes and optimism for the new year.  2020 has been hard for many of our fellow Americans, and for some who have faced great uncertainty and have suffered intolerable losses my heart truly goes out to you.  For most there is ample reason to want to see this year in the rearview mirror, and yet there is a lot of reason for optimism and to feel grateful for what we still have and have not lost at this moment.  I can only speak for myself and my own family, but let me toast the new year by suggesting we reflect as much on our current blessings and opportunities as on the travails of the passing year.

Happy New Year from Benn~Burry!

With that in mind, let me share some excitement I'm feeling about the state of our journey with Benn~Burry.  We've been continuing to refine and improve our product lines (and product listings), and I have to say I'm very proud of the way the store is looking, feeling and reflecting the spirit and values that the old Vermont stores represented to me and their respective communities and patrons.  We are continuing to focus on integrating and featuring exciting new brands and there is a pattern emerging in these choices that I think is worth building on, that being a shared commitment to Environmental Sustainability, Fair Trade, and positive Social Change.

Like PX Clothing, this commitment is shared by three new brands that I'm very excited to feature in our Featured Brands section.  The first is SLATE + SALT, an independent label featuring beautiful, superbly handcrafted and ethically produced women's scarves, jewelry and other artisanal designs.  Their mission is to deliver one-of-a-kind pieces while preserving traditional techniques and supporting the Fair Trade movement to break break the cycle of poverty.

Another new addition is WUDN HNDCRFTD, an exciting brand focused on delivering the best wooden sunglasses, wooden phone cases, and real wood bar accessories available anywhere.  Their mission is doing something different and making you distinctive to express a little style in a world where everything is mass produced.  Their Promise: Sustainably Sourced Wood, No Exceptions, so they purchase wood products and veneer only from Forest Stewardship Council certified suppliers. The FSC promotes environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests.

Leading family outdoor lifestyle company Wantdo is committed to Responsible Down Standard (RDS) which ensures that down and feathers come from animals that are not subjected undue harm or mistreatment.  Wantdo's mantra is, "If You Want To Do It, Do It Now".  I often tell myself that when hesitating to dive in at the end of the dock, or tackle challenging tasks outside my comfort zone, but as we all know, there's no time like the present to push yourself and go for it because the rewards of taking action and seizing the day are immeasurable.  Don't just do it sometime, do it now!

Happy New Year to All, and may 2021 bring you and yours all the love, happiness, good health and prosperity you deserve!

Parker A. Davis, Founder & Owner/Operator

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