Benn~Burry - Since 1946

Where Modern Value meets Old Fashioned Values.

About Us

The original Benn~Burry Shop (and Benn~Burry Stores) was a small family business which, at its peak, comprised three “brick and mortar” stores in Bennington, Rutland and Burlington Vermont.  The family business was shuttered in the early nineties during some hard times, and a proud legacy was lost...a legacy of ruggedly independent “Yankee Peddlah‘s” crafting a uniquely Vermont enterprise and experience from the fabric of the American Dream.    

The online incarnation of Benn~Burry was just a notion for many years, an idea finally made real to carry on that legacy and update it for modern times.  While inspired by the historic Benn~Burry Shop and Stores (see History), the Benn~Burry online store is an entirely separate entity with no financial or legal connection to its namesake.  The Benn~Burry online store is owned and operated by Red Hot Jupiter, Inc. under an exclusive and perpetual license to utilize the trademark name, brand and logo of the original stores and businesses that have long since been inactive.

Founder Parker A. Davis, son and grandson of the original Benn~Burry‘s founders Tony and Eleanor Davis, lives in southern New Hampshire with his lovely wife and 2 little boys, just 3 hours from his home town, Manchester Vermont, situated between the sites of his father‘s original Bennington and Rutland stores.