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The Benn~Burry online store has launched!

Friends, family and outdoor enthusiasts all!

The Benn~Burry online store is an homage to the family business (long since gone) that I grew up with. Benn~Burry, my father Tony's and his mother Eleanor's New England retail apparel store and gift shop, made it possible for our family to prosper in beautiful Vermont, and enabled a wonderful childhood with many blessings for me and my sisters. The Benn~Burry online store is not my father's store, but it is inspired by the fond memories I have of it, and carries forward the themes it represented including rugged individualism, active lifestyles and a love of the outdoors (especially in the northeast), and good old fashioned Yankee values and work ethics.

The Benn~Burry online store is finally open for business and our Benn~Burry Facebook page (@bennburry) is live, so come check it out and join the Friends of Benn~Burry group!  Rest assured, this is just a first iteration and I expect the store and its product lines (emphasizing active, outdoor lifestyles) to evolve substantially from this point on.  We hope you enjoy the store, and welcome your feedback and support!

Parker A. Davis, Founder & Owner/Operator


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